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Zavala’s Story

I’ve been around barbecue my entire life.  Some of my greatest childhood memories are centered on watching and helping my Pops cook.  Weekends at the Zavala house always meant family, friends, and amazing barbecue! Like my Pops, I have carried forward this tradition in my own home working to craft my own unique style.  Because of my passion for barbecue, combined with a lifelong dream of running my own taco stand, I started Zavala’s Barbecue!


    • Meat

    • 44 Farms Beef Ribs

      $13/ Half lb

      *** Avg weight 1.25 lbs per rib***

    • 44 Farms Brisket

      $13/Half lb
    • Turkey

      $9/Half lb
    • 44 Farms Beef Cheek

      $12/Half lb
    • Pizza Pepper Sausage

      $4.50/Per Link
    • Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage

      $5/Per Link
    • Sloppy Juan

    • Pork Ribs

      $15/Half Rack $25/Full Rack
    • Pulled Pork

      $9/Half lb
    • Sides

    • Pops Beans

    • Potato Salad

    • Flour Tortillas

      $2.25/ Half dz $4.50/ Full dz
    • Spicy Coleslaw

    • Cheesy Jalapeno Hominy